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Jul. 25th, 2008

I'm fucking awesome, did you see that?


Well. That was ... interesting.

Anyone who happens to see a headless demon corpse near the fountain, don't worry. I killed it, and it's all good and dead. Really dead!

I kind of lost the head when it popped off, but if you find that, I'm sure it'll make a great wall decoration or something.

Thanks for the help, Randy. Your stabbing skills are superb.

Um... whoever's responsible for Lena? She's at my place. You can come and get her.

Jul. 24th, 2008

its what I do, pointedy things

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Key item: sharp stabbing object obtained.

Victory for Buffy?

Only time will tell.

Which is something I don't really seem to have.

So um...possessed people? Help a slayer out.

Looking forward to our little gettogether, Snickerdoodle.

Also, the lack of anything deep fried to golden goodness is really making me all bad moody.

Paging Mr. Randy Giles.

We have some work to do, don't you think?

Jul. 23rd, 2008


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VOICE - Private to Bruce Wayne//UnhackableCollapse )
seriously, lecture time


Right. So without Giles and Will here, and their super brainy abilities on hand, I'm going to have to say we're dealing with a demon here. The freaky voices I heard people use, plus all the fire and destruction? Definitely a demon. But don't worry. As per usual, the slayer will handle it.

I just have to find the thing. Which uh-

might be hard, given that I think it might be all invisible-like.


If anyone else gets a crazy scary double voice, and sets things on fire? Point me in their directon.

[She walks away from the terminal, not bothering to turn it off. As she walks away, soft muttering can be heard.]

Even in purgatory, Buffy can't get a rest. Hunt the demons, Cinderelly, slay our demons, Cinderella. Save the day Cinderlly.

[As she leaves the area, you hear a door shut, and the connection eventually times out.]
wide eyed

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Now that?

Just isn't right.

Something's off, I can sense it. Feel it.

Blood's in the air.

But you don't have to be me to figure that one out, do you?


I need to patrol.

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Jul. 22nd, 2008

wtf?, don't like this, you're an idiot

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So, who do I have to kill to get a decent meal?

... that is entirely a joke, by the way. The killing, not the part about a decent meal. I'm seriously doubting there's any kind of fried goodness lurking around this place. No McDonalds, no Doublemeat Palace. Which kind of sucks, because I'm a little stressed out right now, and fast food is usually a good fix for that. A starving Buffy is not a happy or productive Buffy.

If Willow were here, she'd give me a lecture on the dangers of eating unhealthy junk. But seeing as how I've already outlived my projected lifespan, I'd say I'm doing pretty good. Take that, Watcher's Council!

And with that, I guess I should say that Oh look, I'm someplace I don't know.

Anybody out there able to tell me the name of this place, or am I going to have to keep calling it Hellmouth, part two?